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I’m Brooke!

I am a visual storyteller. I have been telling stories for 15+ years on St Thomas and St John in the Virgin Islands.

I’m not just some random person who picked up a camera as a hobby one day. You know, the ones that occasionally get lucky with a good shot here and there. Nope…I actually went to school for this. I studied photography at the UCF School of Visual Art and Design. After finishing college in 2003, I moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands, where I presently reside in St. Thomas with my husband and two children.

My love for the Caribbean runs deep, and I will probably spend the rest of my life in or on the water. When I’m not behind the camera taking photographs or behind a computer editing photos, I’m chasing two small children or enjoying the beautiful Caribbean sea—sometimes both and most of the time simultaneously. Seeing the world through their eyes is the greatest gift. They remind me to be present and to be curious about everything, to giggle at silly moments, especially oneself, and, most importantly, to treasure the beauty of life’s quiet moments. When alone, I’m the kind of person you’ll find curled up on the couch watching the Great British Baking Show, thinking of new ideas to perfect my already perfect banana bread recipe, or making plans for my next worldly vacation. I love to experience new things and celebrate how wonderful life truly is.

But enough about me— it’s truly about you and your special moment that we want to capture perfectly. Whether you’re about to pop the question for the most romantic engagement in the Caribbean or tie the knot between two beautiful hearts overlooking the most stunning turquoise waters on earth. Tell me your story— every little detail. I’m all about the details that are often overlooked in special moments. The moments when we laugh so hard we cry, when we shed tears of joy, the unique quirks, the affectionate whispers, the nervous anticipations, and the meaningful interactions. All of them AND then some. I’m lured to genuine and natural moments over staged, unemotional poses. I want the images I capture to represent you, your story, and the feelings you felt during that cherished and profound moment. I want to capture YOU.

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I’m happily married to the love of my life. I can wholeheartedly say marrying Erik has been my best decision ever. The life we share together is so precious and beautiful. When I look at him, I fear there will never be enough time on this earth together. We’ve created a silly, messy love story I never want to end. A significant part of our love story includes our two beautiful kids, who constantly keep us on our toes. We’re always exploring, looking for our next adventure. I am grateful to see the world through their eyes. My son and daughter see the wonder in the smallest things, and I’m so grateful to get to relive the sense of life’s wonder through them. I am thankful for them, my love, this life, and our family. Supporting characters in our love story include our cat, two dogs, and several boats. We love being on the water, in the water, and near the water. Hence, why we live and love the USVI.


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