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Family portraits are more than just photographs; they’re a tangible connection to the past and a legacy for the future. They capture a moment, preserving the faces, expressions, and relationships within a family at a specific point in their journey together. They tell stories of growth, change, and the bonds that tie families together, making them invaluable pieces of family history.
Moreover, family portraits hold significant emotional value. They are a source of comfort and joy, evoking memories and feelings of happy times spent together. They reinforce our sense of belonging and identity, showing us where we’ve come from and the people who have shaped our lives.
From an artistic perspective, family portraits are a unique form of expression that captures the essence and dynamics of a family. As a professional photographer with decades of experience, I have a keen eye for capturing these unique moments. These images reflect the character and spirit of the family. They can be handed down through generations, becoming more precious as time passes, serving as a bridge between the past, present, and future.

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If real estate agents are correct and location is everything, you are in the right place. Whether you’re lucky enough like me to live in the US Virgin Islands or are fortunate enough to spend a family vacation here, we can all agree that capturing your family memories in the Caribbean is priceless.

Finding the perfect location is essential to planning a successful family photo shoot. During our consultation, I have an overflowing pocketful of my favorite places and make recommendations based on your family’s personality and style. I always encourage you to share your ideas as well. Below is a gallery of recent family photos to inspire you. Click here to contact me to discuss how, together, we can put a stamp on this year’s family portrait.
My aim during your family portrait session is to create a stress-free experience so you can enjoy every moment without worrying about the details!
Here are a few ways I strive to provide the best service —
  • FAMILY TIES. When photographing precious families, I aim to capture cherished photos that show everyone in an authentic moment. No forced smiles or awkward poses.
  • BREAK THE ICE. With all my family portrait sessions, I want to take the time to get to know you and the ones you love so that I can be a friend and not a stranger.
  • ENERGY. I want you and your family to feel nothing but positive vibes. Feeling anxious, excited, and even stressed is normal, but relaxing, taking a deep breath, and enjoying the moment is essential.
These are a few examples of why you should choose me as your family’s photographer. I care about all the precious moments and document those memories in a relaxed and laid-back way. The best family photos are created when families are comfortable and carefree. It’s about family bonding while having fun!


  1. TREASURED GIFTS. Unlike material gifts that might fade in value or usefulness over time, a family portrait is timeless, growing in sentimental value as years pass. It’s a gift that keeps giving, reminding loved ones of their bonds, heritage, and the moments that define their relationships. Gifting a family portrait is like gifting a piece of shared history and affection, making it an incredibly thoughtful and meaningful present. For relatives who live far apart, a family portrait can serve as a comforting presence, bridging distances by keeping the image of loved ones close.
  2. PRESENCE. Family photos are a great way to get everyone together. These photo sessions also provide a rare moment for families to pause from their busy lives and enjoy being together, focusing on their relationships without the usual distractions. The act of coming together with the shared purpose of capturing their bond in photographs emphasizes the importance of family ties.
  3. CREATIVITY. These photo sessions allow families to express themselves creatively through their choice of outfits, locations, and poses. Whether it’s a themed photo shoot, a casual setting on a beautiful beach, or an outdoor adventure, bringing these ideas to life can be exciting and enjoyable. The opportunity to play dress-up or to capture candid moments in a favorite spot adds an element of play and creativity that can be especially fun for children.
  4. QUALITY TIME. In today’s fast-paced world, finding quality time to spend as a family can be challenging. Photo sessions provide a dedicated time for families to come together without the distractions of daily routines. This focused interaction often leads to laughter, silliness, and moments of genuine affection, making the photo shoot an enjoyable experience in itself.
  5. EXPERIENCES. For many families, a photo session may be a novel activity that breaks the monotony of their usual schedule. Exploring new locations, working with a great photographer like me, and anticipating seeing the final photographs can be thrilling experiences. This novelty can make the photo session feel like a mini-adventure or a special event rather than just another task to check off the list.
  6. CANDID MOMENTS. A skilled photographer like myself knows how to capture not just the posed moments but also the candid interactions that occur during a session. These spontaneous moments—giggles, tickles, playful glances—often become the most treasured photos because they reveal the genuine joy and personality of the family. The fun comes from letting down guards, being silly, and enjoying the moment, allowing me to capture the true essence of the family’s relationship.
  7. MEMORIES. Our photo shoot doesn’t end when the session is over. Families look forward to seeing the final images, sharing them with friends and relatives, and displaying them in their homes. The anticipation of the final product and the joy of reliving the experience through the photographs extend the fun beyond the session.


First— Relax! I am here every step of the way. These are just some helpful hints to enhance the outcome of your pictures, making them look— not just good but— amazing! One of the key aspects to consider is the coordination of outfits. While matching exactly can be charming for some, opting for coordinated colors or themes that reflect each individual’s personality but still look harmonious together can add depth and interest to your photos. Consider choosing a color palette that complements the photo shoot location and season. Avoiding overly busy patterns, logos, or characters on clothing can help keep the focus on your family’s faces and expressions.
Another important tip is to make sure everyone is comfortable, both physically and emotionally. This means selecting outfits that not only look good but also feel good to wear for the duration of the shoot. Comfortable clothing can help family members relax, leading to more natural and genuine expressions in the photos. Preloading young children and explaining what will happen during the photo shoot can also help manage their expectations and reduce any anxiety they might have. Finally, ensure everyone is well-rested and fed before the shoot to avoid tiredness or hunger that can lead to crankiness. With a little preparation and attention to these details, your family photo shoot can be a fun experience that results in beautiful, cherished memories captured in print.