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So you're getting married! Congratulations are in order!! I remember how exciting and overwhelming wedding planning could be when I was newly engaged. There's so much information to process and so many things to consider.

Choosing an intimate tiny or “micro” wedding over a big wedding day has numerous benefits. Let’s break it down to help you envision what your special day might look like.



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Popularized by the 2020 COVID pandemic, micro weddings or minimonies are incredibly special. They’re intimate mini-ceremonies celebrated with your nearest and dearest family members and closest besties. Think of it as a cross between a large, traditional wedding and an elopement— without the secrecy. It’s a smaller ceremony, typically with fewer than 30 or so guests, and somewhat resembles the customary events of a typical wedding day. It lets you focus on the details that matter most, letting go of traditional norms that don’t fit your unique personalities.


Alleviate some of the stress by concentrating on the most essential details to YOU. A tiny wedding allows you to focus on the smaller, creative components that culminate in creating an amazing AND unforgettable experience that may be difficult to replicate for, say, 200 guests. Instead of having an average wedding with a ton of people, reduce the guest count and make it an occasion they’ll never forget. Let your creativity run wild now that you have a little extra wiggle room in your budget. Since micro weddings are considered less traditional, there are fewer expectations and more flexibility regarding timelines, venues, events, and overall sentiments.
It’s crucial to prioritize being present over striving for perfection. Instead of being on display as the stars of the ceremony, relax and join your guests in celebration. It’s a time to be laid back and savor all the cherished moments being created with your partner, families, and closest friends as they celebrate your union. Instead of being in an anxiety-induced hypnotic state, concentrate on being here and now. Take a minute for yourselves and breathe. Feel the soft white sand squish between your toes as the footprints you create as a newlywed couple foretell the beautiful path you’re creating for your future; your clothes get a little wet as you playfully chase each other in the stunning Caribbean sea; or on the opposite end of the spectrum, you find joy and laughter in smashing a messy slice of cake into each other’s mouths. Whatever the moment brings— savor every minute. Each wedding is unique because every couple is different. Whether it’s a beautiful beach, clifftops, historical landmark, or private venue, it’s about finding the perfect spot that makes you feel most like YOU.
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  • INVITATION LIST – Take some time to consider WHO you want to be there. Consider creating a website that provides all the essential details for those unable to attend your special occasion. You could hire a videographer to create a highlight reel of your micro wedding to share with those who couldn’t be there.
  • THE DAY OF THE EVENT – This is similar to eloping, as it allows you to customize the structure of the timeline with your preferred elements. Your day can be unique, with or without traditional features, or you can pick and choose aspects of what a “normal” wedding day might look like for you. For example, you might have a micro wedding where everyone walks on the beach from one tagged location to the next, with each spot being a place where a family member or friend speaks about your relationship from their perspective. It creates such a meaningful and touching experience.
  • LIST OF VENDORS – Select vendors who align with your vision for the day. Do you have a favorite food that holds nostalgia? Order that food! Want a special flower arrangement? Hire a skilled florist who can bring your vision to reality! It’s essential to have people who will be there for you, advise you, and offer support throughout the process.
  • MAKE IT MEANINGFUL – This is what matters most. It’s your day; make sure you’re creating a day that is significant to you both— from the biggest details to the smallest fragments. From inconsequential things like, is there a specific type of music that creates a memorable atmosphere to do you want to share a meal together? As you think about those meaningful touches, also consider your guests. Handwrite your sentiments to every guest to place at their seat. Or maybe consider hand painting each invitation rather than having them printed. Adding these special touches for 15 or 30 people is much more manageable than for 200. If you’ve made an effort to trim down your guest list, those personalized touches at your event are even more meaningful.


When you're overwhelmed, this is an excellent place to start. Choosing the "ideal" location for your special wedding day. Micro weddings provide more flexibility when it comes to space and location, making them a great option. First, discuss with each other where you both envision getting married. What place do you visualize as your backdrop? What about the setting? After exploring those thoughts, it's time to plunge into more focused aspects like choosing the EXACT location.

Here are a few places to get you started…

  • VisitUSVI.comNot sure if the USVI is for you? Remember, U.S. citizens don’t need a passport, making it a convenient location for a tropical getaway. Visit our travel tourism website, where you can find more information about the islands that make up the U.S. Virgin Islands; from places to stay, things to do, and where to eat, you’ll find something special here.
  • AirbnbOpting for Airbnb offers fairytale properties that are the perfect place to say “I do.” With so many unique options available, tying the knot at an unusual place can be something you’ve never seen before. Before booking, contact the host or property owner to ensure they allow weddings or small wedding-type events, whether there are any noise ordinances, and if they allow outside vendors (if you’re going that route). Some properties offer the ability to have a space to get ready, a reception venue, and accommodations all wrapped up in one perfect location, making them great for smaller weddings.
  • WeddingWireOkay, if you haven’t yet discovered WeddingWire during one of your tireless searches, let me introduce you to a very handy website. Beyond some beneficial wedding planning tools, they also feature dream destinations in the U.S. Virgin Islands, exotic venues, and trusted vendors in the USVI, among others.
Looking for more specifics, or maybe you want a secret gem with AMAZING views? Feel free to message me! I have an extensive list.


The fun part about creativity is that you can go all out or keep it simple, depending on your preference! I always recommend my couples check out ETSY. Seriously, if you haven't checked that out— get on that now!! Help support amazing, talented artists and designers who run small businesses creating remarkable products! You can discover a wide range of darling things, from invitational paper goods to beautiful wedding gowns and attire. You can even discover exceptionally unique items like handcrafted ties or personalized wedding jewelry. There are an overwhelming number of incredible finds, and you'll also support small businesses.

I've put together some curated Pinterest Boards that feature exciting decoration ideas to help you find inspiration. —

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Whether you call it a tiny, intimate, minimony, or micro wedding — the day is ALL YOURS! Call it what you want. Let's collaborate to bring your ideas to life, creating something absolutely amazing!

I can help you with numerous resources to help you effortlessly organize this day. Let's make this journey together, so don't hesitate to contact me with ANY and ALL questions. I'm here to assist you in any way possible.


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